Wastewater Department


Joanne L. Massony, Director 

City of Kenner

1610 Rev. Richard Wilson Drive Kenner, Louisiana 70062

Telephone: (504) 468-7292

   Hubert Franklin, III, Assistant Director  

   City of Kenner

   1 West 30th Street Kenner, LA 70062

   Telephone: (504) 468-7292


The goal of the Wastewater Department is to operate and maintain the City's wastewater treatment plant, 400 miles of collection system pipes, and 79 lift stations, and to administer the City's federal and state mandated Industrial Pretreatment Program, in order to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations and to protect the public health.

Wastewater Department personnel have and continue to obtain wastewater certifications (Classes 1 – 4) from the Louisiana Department of Health. Personnel attend continuing education training to maintain their certifications.

For all sewer information, sewer issues, and sewer emergencies, please contact the office at (504) 468-7292. This is a 24-hour number.


Sewer System Prohibitions

The following educational documents provide information on items that are prohibited from being discharged into the sewerage system: 

Fats/Oil Grease Flyer

Grease Non-flushables Letter (3-24-2020)