Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications


City of Kenner
1801 Williams Boulevard
Building C, 4th Floor
Kenner, Louisiana 70062


The mission of the Department of Information Technology is to streamline business processes through the use of technology, while improving efficiency and providing better services for the employees and citizens of Kenner.


The Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications directs and manages the development, deployment and ongoing operations of all information technology automation services provided to City of Kenner departments. Advanced and cost-effective technology solutions, a robust and stable network environment, as well as quality hardware, software, operations and service support are only a few of the keys to the success of the IT Department and the efficiency it brings to the City of Kenner.

The Department of Information Technology recommends and implements new technology to meet the needs of departments and to comply with the advancements within the industry.  We provide diverse application and database support, along with general support to City employees, the City council and citizens of Kenner.


The Department of Information Technology continues to grow in scope and in our ability to serve. Our role is to secure technology solutions and to enable the implementation of technology as a strategic management tool for all City Departments. We ensure reliable day-to-day operations and serve as technical consultants for projects where technology is involved. Our priority is to offer exceptional service internally to local government staff and externally through the Community Development’s Outreach Programs and online services. IT infrastructure is run 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year with mission critical reliability and performance.


Active Directory Maintenance
Application development management
Application troubleshooting assistance
Automation services
Contract management
Data backup and recovery (In-house & remote)
Data storage capacity and management
Database management
Disaster recovery
Document management
Employee e-mail services
Hardware/software application monitoring (In-house & remote)
Infrastructure support
Maintenance of servers
Problem determination
Project management consulting
Routine maintenance of digital devices
Security administration and access management
Software maintenance and support
Spam filtering
System integration services
Technical consulting
Technology procurement/help desk
Virus protection
Web content management
Web site development and support
Web-based application development and support
Workstations support/help desk


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