Emergency Preparedness Information

The Office of Emergency Management wants you to be well informed about what’s going on in your community and know how to respond to an emergency.  Click the links below to view and download fact sheets, brochures, guidelines, and instructions regarding a wide variety of subjects related to emergency preparedness.   


Disaster Preparedness

Family Disaster Supply Kit


Emergency Alert

Official City of Kenner Notifications

Kenner Police Alerts

Jefferson Parish Community Alert System (JPAlert)

Louisiana Emergency Alert System (EAS)


Emergency Shelters

Emergency Shelters General Information

State of Louisiana Sheltering Information

Locate Emergency Shelters


Evacuation and Re-Entry

Evacuation-General Information

Public Assisted Evacuation/Bus Transportation-General Information

Mobility Impaired Evacuation-General Information

JP Special Needs Registry

State of Louisiana Evacuation Plan and Contraflow

Contraflow in Kenner-Metairie

Post-Disaster Re-Entry Information

Road Closures and Advisories

Disaster Evacuation Lodging & Housing

Locate Fuel Statewide

MyDOTD Service Roadway Alerts


Extreme Weather

Extreme Heat Advisory Information

Extreme Cold Advisory Information



What to do if you are flooding

Flood Protective Measures


Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Materials Incident-General Information

Waterford 3 Radiological Emergency Information

Waterford 3 Color Zone Map



Storm Advisory System

Hurricane Scale

Hurricane-General Information

NOAA Hurricane Tracking Chart

Tornado-General Information 

Thunderstorm-General Information

Windstorm-General Information

Hailstorm-General Information

Storm Debris Guidelines

Weather Links


Disaster Assistance & Recovery

How to Locate Individual Disaster Assistance

Pre-Apply For Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (DSNAP)