Kenner 2030 Plan

A group of Kenner employees around a table meeting
A collage of the future Kenner 2030 plans, including a man on a bike, Heritage Hall, and the lake
A street view of cars in Kenner


 Kenner 2030 is the city strategic plan that will implement the vision for a more prosperous City of Kenner. 

The Strategic Plan is organized in such a way as to answer three questions:

Where are we?

• Where do we want to go?

• How do we want to get there?

By addressing key questions about the city's current status, desired future, and the pathways to achieve its vision, the strategic plan sets a clear direction for growth and development. Through collaborative efforts and strategic initiatives, Kenner is poised to realize its aspirations and emerge as a desirable destination for residents and businesses alike, fostering a vibrant and prosperous future for all.

Kenner 2030: Strategic Plan for a Prosperous Future, An Executive Summary