Lundi Gras

Date and time information about Lundi Gras 2024
The queen and king of Argus and Zulu walking in the parade with the mayor and a group of people

The Meeting of the Courts Ceremony

Argus and Zulu

The Meeting of the Courts ceremony is an annual event where Argus and Zulu royalty great each other, exchange gifts and celebrate the union between the two krewes. This Lundi Gras tradition has taken place for the last 25 years and is one we’re proud to uphold in the City of Kenner. Hail Argus and Zulu!

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Krewe du Kenner

Krewe du Kenner

Wagon Parade 

Join us for Krewe du Kenner! Design a wagon float for your family, bring throws, and be a part of the City of Kenner’s Lundi Gras celebration in Rivertown. We will parade down the street with Zulu and Argus. This is completely free to attend, and will be fun for everyone in attendance. After the parade, be sure to stay and visit the crafters, food vendors, and enjoy the free entertainment.

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The Topcats

The Topcats

Musical Performance

The Topcats return to Rivertown in Kenner, LA to play for Kenner's Lundi Gras Celebration on Monday, February 12th from 11:00AM to 2:30PM. This is a great celebration where you can witness the meeting of King Zulu with his Court and King Argus with his Court! This has been a great tradition for many years now and has helped Kenner's Lundi Gras to grow into what it is today. The band has played this celebration many times, and it's always a great time!

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