Carnival In Kenner

The queen and king of Argus and Zulu walking in the parade with the mayor and a group of people
A stage view of the audience
Krewe du Kenner banner displaying date of wagon parade, which is Monday, February 12, 2024
A group of people catching beads from a parade float
A group of the Mardi Gras court, Mayor, and other Kenner employees

2024 Carnival In Kenner Schedule

Event Date
Krewe of Driftwood Saturday, January 27 @ 1PMDriftwood Neighborhood
Kenner Gras Saturday, February 10 @ 2PM, City Park
Krewe of Isis Saturday, February 10 @ 6PM, West Esplanade to Pontchartrain Center
Lundi Gras & Krewe du Kenner Monday, February 12 @ 11AM, Rivertown