Power Blvd. Sculptures


Welcome to a collection of diverse and captivating sculptures that sit along Power Boulevard in Kenner. This outdoor art gallery showcases the talent of local and national artists, each piece contributing to the cultural richness of the city.


In 2014, Henry Shane made the decision to enhance Kenner's efforts in enhancing the visual appeal of its city corridors. As part of this initiative, he and his spouse contributed public sculptures by both regional and national artists, aiming to elevate and beautify the streetscape of Jefferson Parish.

These sculptures are located on Power Boulevard, stretching from West Esplanade Boulevard to Vintage Drive, alongside segments of Loyola Drive. Housing a growing collection of over 45 art pieces, this outdoor exhibit offers a daily opportunity for parish residents to immerse themselves in the beauty of these installations.

Overview of Sculptures

  • Apple Pi - Paul J. Leaman, Jr.
  • Stacked Jacks - Madeleine Faust
  • Quantum Leap - Hunt Slonem
  • Hi - Darrin Butler
  • Inner Urge - James B. Davis
  • Man and Women Under A Tree - Thomas Bruno
  • Hop - Hunt Slonem
  • Winking Cardinal - Jeffie Brewer
  • First Spelling Lesson - Henry Shane
  • Consolations – Lessons Learned - Wayne Amedee
  • Divine Assembly – Hunt Slonem
  • Three Jazz Men - Frank Ledbette
  • Alison's Ambit - Tara Conley
  • Running By The Lake In the Sun - H. Grace Boyle
  • Froebel's Gifts Energized - Vivien Collens
  • Duck Crossing - Frank Ledbetter
  • CAT-5 Tree - Luis Colmenares
  • Cannes Brulees - Tana S. Barth
  • High Seas - Ed Wilson
  • Kenner Farmer - H. Grace Boyle
  • The Jogger - Darrin Butler
  • Freedom Forever - Frank Ledbetter
  • The Genesis of All Things - James Gorman

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