Renew Your Re-Entry Placard

Kenner officials work very closely with State and Jefferson Parish authorities to ensure safe and efficient evacuation of the City in the event it becomes necessary. One of our priorities is to ensure that our businesses can return to Kenner and resume operation as soon as possible following an evacuation.  If you own or operate a business in Jefferson Parish / Kenner, you are strongly encouraged to register with the Parish for re-entry placards.  Complete information can be found at the Jumpstart Jefferson site

Kenner businesses should annually review their re‐entry placard inventory to ensure they have sufficient numbers of placards so that their staff can return to the Parish / City as quickly as possible following an evacuation.

If a business determines their assigned placards have expired or revisions are needed, an authorized representative of the businesses can log in to the Jefferson Parish Re-Entry Placard Program site to make changes.   For more information, users can contact the Jefferson Parish Emergency Management Department at 504-349-5360.

REMEMBER:  Previously issued re-entry placards may have expired.  Check your placards annually.