Contractors / Tradesmen

For every contractor or tradesman domiciled in the City of Kenner or out-of-state contractors, the City of Kenner has regulations regarding contractors and tradesmen pursuant to the Municipal Code of Ordinances.

  1. To operate as a Contractor/Tradesman, the following are required for submittal:
    1. A completed Occupational License Application (PDF). Any questions regarding the application can be answered by contacting the Occupational License office of the Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement at 504-468-4064. Once the application is received in our office, it will be forwarded to the following in house agencies for approval, if required:
      1. Verification from the Planning Department for the City of Kenner that the business is properly zoned. The Planning Department may be reached at 504-468-7280 for questions relating to zoning.
      2. Verification from the Wastewater Department or city contractor that the business does not need approval or that the business is permitted in accordance with all applicable codes. The city contractor may be reached at 504-468-7515 regarding any wastewater discharge, grease traps, or sewerage questions.
      3. Verification from the Permit Office for Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement that the business has been inspected and is permitted in accordance with all applicable codes. Click here to download the Building Permit Application. The Permits Office may also be reached by calling 504-468-4062 regarding building permits and inspections.
    2. A copy of the State of Louisiana Contractors' license or the applicable Tradesman license or certification. For questions regarding the Contractors License, please call the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors (LSLBC) at 225-765-2301 or by visiting their website.

Business Permit Information

  1. The applicant must submit a completed application and all other required documentation for processing. Failure to submit a completed application can result in longer processing times and delay of the opening of the business.
  2. In the event the applicant fails to provide the information, forms, and documents required by the City in connection with this application within 60 days of the date the application is received by the City, the application shall, without further notice, be deemed to have been voluntarily withdrawn as of that date and no further action will be taken in connection with the application.
  3. The prospective business owner should also consult with the Louisiana Department of Revenue, the Jefferson Parish Bureau of Revenue and Taxation and all other agencies tasked with the regulation and collection of sales tax associated with the business.