Occupational Business Licenses

This page has been produced to acquaint prospective business owners with the steps a business must complete to successfully open and operate within city limits, such as help to find answers to frequently asked questions, descriptions of the different processes and contact information for city, state, federal, and other agencies that can assist you in opening a business in the City of Kenner. We have also included web-links to these different agencies, whenever possible. This general information page is broken into different sections for opening a business-zoning verifications, licensing, permitting, and approvals needed from other agencies.

Process for Obtaining an Occupational License

Zoning Verification Clearance

The first step to opening any business is to obtain a Zoning Verification Clearance. In the City of Kenner, the Planning Department has the responsibility of recommending zoning within the city pursuant to the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO). A copy of the Zoning Verification Request Form may be found via the link below. For more information, the Planning Department can be reached at 504-468-7280.

Zoning Verification Request Form (PDF)

*The completed Zoning Verification Request Form is to be emailed to the Planning Department at Zoning@kenner.la.us.


The requirement to obtain an Occupational License is governed by the City of Kenner Municipal Code of Ordinances Section 10-53. The Office of Occupational Licenses issues business licenses to regulate business activities that occur within city limits. See the City's occupational business license Frequently Asked Questions to learn about different types of licenses and fees.

In addition to the required completed application, prospective business owners must also submit additional documentation based upon the type of business entity to be operated with the City of Kenner. If you intend to open and operate a Limited Liability Company in the City of Kenner, you must provide a copy of your Certificate of Organization and Initial Report with your application for Occupational License. If you intend to open and operate a Corporation in the City of Kenner, you must provide the Certificate of Incorporation and the Initial Report with your application for Occupational License.

Other Agencies

All applications for Occupational Licenses are forwarded to the respective in-house agencies for approval. However, depending on the type of business and/or construction, approvals may also be needed from agencies outside of the City of Kenner, including but not limited to the following:

The Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal requires Plan Review for all buildings to be constructed, renovated, repaired, or where there is a change of occupancy. Approvals will be required from the Fire Marshal prior to approval by the Office of Building Inspection and Plan Review for the City of Kenner. For questions, please call the Louisiana Office of the State Fire Marshal (SFM) at 800-256-5452 or by visiting their website at Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal.

The Board of Health for the Department of Health and Hospitals must also review your plans if you are opening a food-related establishment. Questions regarding DHH application, inspection and approval may be answered by calling 504-838-5140 or by visiting their website at Board of Health for the Department of Health and Hospitals.

If you desire to open a commercial establishment that plans to offer alcohol on the premises, you must have a liquor license issued by Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC), an agency of the State of Louisiana Department of Revenue. ATC is responsible for regulating the storage and distribution of retail alcoholic beverages in City of Kenner. In addition, liquor licenses are regulated by the zoning in which the proposed business would be located. For questions on opening a new business or purchasing an existing business with a liquor license, the prospective business owner may contact ATC at 225-925-4041 or by visiting their website at Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control.