Kenner Brake Tag Station

Five Satellite Brake Tag Stations Now Issuing Brake Tags

The businesses that are currently providing Kenner brake tags are:

  • Fast Track  
    2045 Williams Boulevard
  • Discount Zone
    4045 Williams Boulevard
  • Kenner Automotive
    1315 27th Street
  • Rick's Auto Care
    2712 Crestview
  • NOLA Dent Repair
    1328 Carroll Street

Both one-year tags, at a cost of $10, and two year tags for $20 will be available for vehicles under 10,000 pounds. The new brake tag satellite operation was unanimously approved by the City Council on August 21, 2020.

There will be additional hours of operation at some of the satellite stations, compared to the schedule at the city's brake tag station. Please contact the individual satellite stations to confirm the times they are issuing brake tags and check the city's Facebook Page and website for any new stations.

Any auto repair business or gas station interested in becoming a certified brake tag location can email for more information.

The Brake Tag Station now provides a waiver of vehicle certificate fees for Disabled Veterans, Medal of Honor and Purple Heart Recipients. He or she will have to produce adequate proof of their status at the time of application for the Certificate and shall be entitled to the waiver for no more than one vehicle. The fee of $6 is hereby waived for persons holding this status. Cost for a one year tag is $2.50, cost for two year tag is $5. A delinquent fee is $4.

Please schedule an appointment by calling 504-360-8778 or emailing MVI.

The cost for the Taxicabs Certificate of Public Necessity and Convenience (CPNC) is $250 each (or $10,000 unlimited) and it is good for one year. All CPNC's need to be renewed at the beginning of the year. Driver's permits are due on the driver's birthday at a cost of $50 and it is valid for two years. Taxicab inspections are required twice a year, during April and October at a cost of $50. These inspections are valid for six months.

Please schedule an appointment by calling 504-360-8778 or emailing MVI.

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