Inspection & Code Enforcement Department

The City of Kenner, Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement, is responsible for the enforcement of the City of Kenner Code of Ordinances, the review and issuance of building permits and subsequent inspections of all structures within the City, the licensing of tradesmen and issuing occupational licenses. Also, the City of Kenner Motor Vehicles Inspection Station is housed within the Department, which also serves in licensing our taxi cab community. In cooperation with the Planning Department, the Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement is responsible for the enforcement of the City's Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance and also makes recommendations for text amendments when appropriate.

One of the Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement's main objectives is to fight blight within the City of Kenner. With the cooperation of the City Council and the Mayor's Office, this department is responsible for facilitating code sweeps throughout all districts of the City of Kenner.

Code of Ordinances

Did you know?

An electronic and searchable version of the City of Kenner Code of Ordinances can be viewed online at Municode.

File a Complaint

File online citizen complaints (non-emergency).

Flood Protection Information

For flood hazard information, you may go to

Elevation Certificates

Copies of elevation certificates may be obtained from the Dept. of Inspection & Code Enforcement located at:
1926 18th Street
Kenner, LA 70062

Or you can call 504-468-4062, Option 1. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Note to Surveyors, Contractors and Professionals of Record: Effective 07/07/2023, FEMA issued a revised Elevation Certificate to begin use immediately.  The document and instructions can be found here for your use. Please ensure the proper document is used when submitting future Elevation Certificates for review.

Abandoned Property Registration

On September 20, 2012 the City of Kenner adopted an Abandoned Property Registration Ordinance. The City of Kenner recognized a drastic rise in the number of abandoned and vacant properties and that vacant properties are in violation of multiple aspects of state law and local ordinances. Specifically, the presence of vacant and abandoned residences can lead to neighborhood decline, lower property values, and can create unattractive public nuisance.

This Ordinance requires owners of properties, banks, and other entities to notify the City of Kenner when a property is foreclosed upon, and to provide a local contact person to maintain the property, and to work with Code Enforcement to correct code violation issues.

The forms required for registration are available by calling the Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement, Office of Occupational License at 504-468-4062, Option 2.

Any questions regarding the new law should be directed to the Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement by calling 504-468-4062. Email Inspection and Code Enforcement.

Inspection / Code Enforcement

Comprised of building inspectors and municipal code enforcement officers. Building Inspectors are responsible for inspections of buildings under construction as well as existing structures. Municipal Code Inspectors are responsible for the enforcement of more than fifty (50) laws and regulations contained in the Comprehensive Code of Ordinances as well as enforcement of regulations outlined in Kenner's Zoning Text.

Communications / Data Center

Dispatches complaints and assignments to building inspectors and code inspectors and other city departments. Processes and records citizen complaints. Maintains and updates property data files. Maintains files relative to all statistical data complied in the department.

Occupational Licenses

This section is responsible for the issuance and collection of fees for all businesses including home based businesses operating within the City of Kenner. The cost is predicated on the type of business in operation.

This section is also responsible for the licensing of all Alcoholic Beverage Outlet permits. If a business sells any kind of alcoholic beverage, they must obtain a permit from the City of Kenner, as well as with the State. A Class A permit (consumption on the premises), for the sale of alcohol is $500, $35 for beer, and $30 for wine. A Class B permit (packaged), is $500 for liquor and $35 for beer.

License approval takes approximately 7 to 10 working days. You will be notified by phone once the approval process is complete.

If you are downloading the application (PDF) it has to be on legal size paper.

Email Occupational License.

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