City Attorney's Office

The City Attorney's Office directs and supervises the legal affairs for the City of Kenner. The attorneys in this office work as in-house counsel providing legal advice and opinions to Kenner officials, and manage legal issues including litigation, legislation, contracts, public records, and prosecutions in Mayor’s Court. The office also serves as legal counsel to Kenner’s boards and commissions.

Mayor's Court, Tickets, and Court Dates

For information regarding the details of a ticket issued by the Kenner Police Department, a pending court summons, or contacting the City prosecutor, please call the City of Kenner Clerk of Court’s Office at 504-468-7277.

Public Records Requests

All requests to view public records must be submitted to the City Attorney’s Office in writing.  In order for us to quickly locate your requested documents, please include the name or description of the document, the name of the originating department, your name, address, email, and other contact information. The City Attorney’s Office will contact you when the documents are prepared.  You may use the form below to submit electronically, or send your request in writing to:

Office of the City Attorney
City of Kenner
1801 Williams Boulevard
Building C, 3rd Floor
Kenner, Louisiana 70062
Phone: 504-468-4080 Email:
Email Office of the City Attorney

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Public Records Request

  1. In accordance with Kenner Ordinance No. 5950 and State Statute, I agree to pay in advance to the City of Kenner, $1.00 per page for the production of the documents as well as postage and any other costs associated with the preparation or production of these records. 

    *Via cashier’s check, money order, or cash in EXACT AMOUNT ONLY. 

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