Inspections & Code Enforcement - Elevation Certificates


The Fema Certificates viewer requires Internet Explorer 6 or greater.

In order to view the FEMA Flood elevation certificates, you must first download and install the Papervision client HERE.

You MUST close Internet Explorer to correctly install the client.

After the client is installed, please return to this page and click Elevation Certificates to begin.

User Name = code
Password = code

  • Click the BLUE search button in the center of the screen to select "Fema Elevations Certificates".
  • Enter search terms and click the search button. Leaving search terms blank will list all records.
  • Click Any field of any result to view document.


Helpful hints on using the database

The yellow arrow will move to the next document while the white arrow will move to the next page in the current document.

The blue arrows scale the page in different ways to fit your screen. The print icon is used to print the documents. Simply close the viewer window to return to the search screen. You may use the search tab at the top left of the screen to search for a new address.

Searching hint: If you are searching for a street by street name and number, make sure the search type is AND, not OR, or the search will return results that match EITHER criteria. In other words Searching for "1801" and "Williams" will return 1801 Main, 1801 Williams, and 2345 Williams if OR is selected. It will only return 1801 Williams if AND is selected.

If you have questions concerning elevation certificates, please call Code Enforcement at (504) 468-4062, Option 1.

You may want to print this page in order to more easily follow the directions.  For technical issues related to this application, please email [email protected].