Flood Awareness Facts


Volunteer and Donation Resources



American Red Cross 1-800-HELP NOW (1-800-435-7669)
New Orleans Area Red Cross www.arcno.org
City of Kenner Food Bank                               (504) 468-7220
Salvation Army www.salvationarmyusa.org
United Way of New Orleans                                                 www.unitedwaysela.org/
City of Kenner Police Department                 712-2222 or 911
City of Kenner Fire Department 467-2211 or 911
City of Kenner Public Works Department 468-7515
City of Kenner Inspections & Code Enforcement   468-4062
Louisiana State Troopers (Troop B) (504) 471-2775 or 1-800-964-8076 or 911
Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office (504)-363-5500 or 911
American Red Cross                                                                    1-800-HELP NOW (1-800-435-7669)
FEMA Registration, Food Stamps 1-800-621-3362 or www.fema.gov
New Orleans Red Cross www.arcno.org
United Way of New Orleans www.unitedwaysela.org/
Center for Disease Control www.cdc.gov
Gouging Complaints (Attorney General 1-800-488-2770
Louisiana Public Assistance www.louisianapa.com
HUD Housing & Urban Development (504) 589-7201
Social Security Administration www.socialsecurity.gov

Louisiana Office of Homeland Security &  Emergency Prepardness                                               

(225) 925-7500
Governor's Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Prepardness


 Flood Insurance Rate Maps:

Map 1 - Flood map for City of Kenner, Northwest

Map 2 - Flood map for City of Kenner, Northeast

Map 3 - Flood map for City of Kenner, Southwest

Map 4 - Flood map for City of Kenner, Southeast

Elevation by Street Address - Flood Insurance Rate Map FEMA Map Service Center

Emergency Information Links:

Emergency Supply List - Ready.gov's recommended emergency supplly list.

Family Emergency Plan - Ready.gov's Family Emergency plan

Avoiding Hurricane Damage - FEMA Avoiding Hurricane Damage Checklist for Homeowners

Louisiana AgCenter - LSU AgCenter Floods and Hurricanes Information

Pet Owners Fact List - FEMA's Pet Owners checklist

Social media Contact Sites - Social Media contacts for Government Agencies

GOHSEP Hurricane Guidelines /  Evacuation Route - Official Louisiana Hurricane Survival Guide

Governors Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Prepardeness

River Gauge - River Stage Data for the Mississippi River

Louisiana State Board of Contractors - Information of Licensed Contractors

Weather Links - Several website containing local weather related information

Disaster Assistance - Information on Disaster Assistance & Applications

Floodsmart.gov - Flood resource information

Louisiana State Police - Prepardeness and Evacuation Information

Elevation Certificates - Completed Elelvations Certificates



PURCHASE FLOOD INSURANCE.  Homeowners and business multi-peril insurance policies do not cover losses from flooding. Flood insurance policies must be purchased as a separate policy. Properties in Flood Zone AE are required to carry flood insurance if they have a federally backed mortgage. For properties in Flood Zone X, flood insurance is highly recommended as floods do not respect Zone X boundaries. Facts show those insured in Zone X areas file more than 20 percent of all NFIP flood insurance claims and receive one-third of Federal disaster assistance for flooding. Renters are encouraged to purchase flood policies to protect their personal property with contents coverage.

You must have an active flood insurance policy at the time of the flooding event to be eligible for any disaster relief or FEMA grant programs. There is a 30 day waiting period before a flood insurance policy becomes effective so call your agent to start a policy today!

Once you have purchased flood insurance, keep your policy and an itemized list of your furnishings, clothing, and valuables in a safe place, such as a safe deposit box. It is helpful to have photos of and receipts for your items as well.  Call your agent or broker immediately if you suffer flood damage.



Many things can be done to an existing building to minimize or eliminate the potential for flood damage.

Sand, plywood, plastic sheeting and lumber can be used to protect a structure temporarily. These supplies are readily available from a number of retail outlets throughout the parish. Personal items can also be elevated or moved to upper floors.

Permanent flood proofing measures for flood-prone structures are preferable. These permanent retrofitting methods include elevating the structure, building floodwalls and enclosures, and elevating utilities.

Visit www.lsuagcenter.com and enter the search term “Flood Proofing Methods” for information about flood proofing.  Call Chief Building Official for Kenner at 468-4062 to request a site visit to discuss local flood problems or flood proofing techniques for your property. He or she will provide property protection advice as applicable.  

Before proceeding with retrofitting measures or any construction and development, (i.e.. filling, dredging, remodeling) check with the Department of Inspections and Code Enforcement at 504-468-4062 for applicable requirements, zoning restrictions, or to report illegal development.



Jefferson Parish is surrounded by rivers, lakes, bayous, and canals, therefore we must use drainage canals and pumping stations to remove storm water as quickly as possible into the surrounding waterways outside the levee system.

The Jefferson Parish Department of Drainage and the City of Kenner Public Works Department have a regular program of drainage system maintenance.

You can help by cleaning catch basins in front of you property. By way of Parish Ordinance 16.9 and 16-9.2, it is illegal to dump debris such as trash, oil, grease, or other pollutants in catch basins, drainage ditches, or canals. Do not dump anything into any portion of the Parish’s drainage system as debris can cause the drainage system to malfunction and increase flooding. Also do not dump debris into catch basins, drainage ditches, and canals. Not only is it important to keep our canals free flowing, we must also consider the health of our seafood, frogs, and other wildlife that live in our waterways and provide us with food and recreation.

Debris can cause the drainage system to function improperly. Call the Jefferson Parish Department of Drainage (736-6753) or the City of Kenner Public Works Department (468-7515), if you have any questions or need to report illegal dumping. The City of Kenner has ordinances that prohibit dumping of any material in the drainage system. See City of Kenner Code of Ordinances Section 9 ½ - 6  



Flooding can occur during any season of the year.  The most common source of flood water in Jefferson Parish is rain. Whether you live inside the levee or outside of it, flooding can happen. In the late summer, hurricanes and tidal surges also pose a serious threat.   Make a plan so you can be prepared to take on and respond quickly and effectively from potential flooding. 

Flood water collects because most of Jefferson Parish and the City of Kenner lies at or below sea level with land prone to subsidence or sinking. The low, flat ground provides little natural gravity drainage so water that falls in the city must be pumped out.

Maps showing flood hazard areas are on file at your local library or the City of Kenner Inspections and Code Enforcement office. To see what zone your property is located in, visit your local library and review the appropriate Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) or call Inspections and Code Enforcement of Kenner at 468-4062, or online at Map 1  or  Map 2   to view the current Flood Insurance Rate Map, and obtain appropriate flood zone and map excerpt for your property.



The parish flood warning system can provide an early notification of flooding conditions.  If emergency officials tell you to evacuate or leave your home, go immediately to a safe shelter. To know your evacuation route, go towww.jeffparish.net, Department of Emergency Management, and click on Contraflow Map and Driving Instructions.

If you are caught in a building be suddenly rising water, move to the second floor or the roof (you may need a tool on hand to break through the roof). Take drinking water, a flashlight and a portable radio. Wait for help.

Do not drive in flooded waters.  If your car stalls in a flooded area abandon it.  Do not attempt to walk through flood water that is more than knee deep.

For a list of flood-related websites, log onto www.kenner.la.us, Government, Inspections & Code Enforcement Departmentand select Flood Awareness or www.jeffparish.net and select Flood Protection Information on the homepage or visit https://floodhelp.uno.edu for additional information.



Most of the City of Kenner is located in a floodplain. All development, regardless of the location, requires a permit to build, fill, or perform any other types of development.

Contact the City of Kenner Office of Inspections and Code Enforcement at 468-4062 to obtain necessary permits. Additionally, if any citizen observes any illegal development in the floodplain, it should be reported immediately to the Community Rating System Coordinator / Floodplain Coordinator at Kenner 468-6606.



The National Flood insurance Program (NFIP), as well as City of Kenner ordinances, require that when the cost of reconstruction, rehabilitation, additions, or other improvements to a building equals or exceeds 50% of the fair market value, the building must meet the same construction requirements as a new building.

Substantially damaged buildings must also be brought up to the same standards. A residence or building damaged so that the cost of the repairs equals or exceeds 50% of the structure’s fair market value must also be elevated at or above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) in flood zones where BFE’s exist.

Contact the City of Kenner Office of Inspections and Code Enforcement at (504) 468-4062 to obtain necessary permits or to direct questions regarding substantial improvement/damage requirements. 



Jefferson Parish operates a flood warning system called JPAlert to alert citizens about the possibility of impending flooding caused by hurricanes, tropical storms, and storm water from prolonged thunderstorms, tornadoes, winter storms, high winds, or a combination thereof.

JPAlert also allows officials to immediately contact you during a major crisis or emergency and can deliver important emergency alerts, notifications and updates to all of your devicesA warning period will be available for most emergency situations, but the amount of lead time may vary from hazard to hazard. Proper action during this warning period will save lives, reduce injuries, and protect property.  JPAlert will give you instructions on where to go, what to do or not do, and who to contact during an emergency.  To sign up for this free service, go to www.jeffparish.net , scroll down the homepage and click on JPAlert.

In the event of an electrical power outage, use a battery powered radio to listen for initial warning information preceded by three (3) shory dual tonesd and subsequent updates on 870 AM or 101.9 FM.



A large portion of Jefferson Parish is at or below sea level. While there are some areas that are above this level, the entire parish is prone to the possibility of flooding. This is primarily because we are surrounded by rivers, lakes bayous, and canals which necessitate our protection through a series of levee systems. We therefore must use drainage canals and pumping stations to remove stormwater as quickly as possible into the surrounding waterways outside the levee system. Citizens who observe any harmful activity with regard to our canal system should immediately report it to the Jefferson parish Department of Drainage at 736-6578 or the City of Kenner at 468-7515.

Floodplain lands and adjacent waters combine to form a complex, dynamic physical and biological system found nowhere else.  When portions of floodplains are preserved in (or restored to) their natural state, they provide many benefits to both human and natural systems.  Adapting to natural flooding means reduced loss of life and property, protection of critical natural & cultural resources and more sustainable development.

For levee systems, contact the East Jefferson Levee District office at 733-0087. The importance of protecting our flood prevention resources cannot be overstated.



These certificates are necessary to determine Base Flood Elevation (BFE) when building a commercial or residential structure, or mitigation of a structure which has been repetitively flooded or substantially damaged. A licensed surveyor is the only person that can provide this service. Copies of completed certificates on file may be obtained by the owner by calling the City of Kenner Building Permits Office at 468-4062 , by coming into the office at 1801 Williams Blvd Building B Room 102, or by going on-line to Elevation Certificates