Voting: April 24, 2021

Early Voting: April 10-17 (except Sunday)


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Q: When is the election? 

A: The election is Saturday, April 24. Early voting is from April 10-17, excluding Sunday, April 11, and is available at the Jefferson Parish Registrar of Voters location in Rivertown, 408 Minor Street, 504-467-5168; Joseph S. Yenni Building, 1221 Elmwood Park Boulevard, Suite 502, Jefferson, 504-736-6191; Charles B. Odom Service Center, 5001 Westbank Expressway, Suite C-2, Marrero, 504-349-5690 and the West Bank Regional Library, 2751 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, 504-364-2660.

Q: Are these new taxes?

A: No. These are straight renewals of existing millages already in place being approved by voters 10 years ago. This would be a continuation of funding for these three essential services.   

Q: What is a mill?

A: It is one-tenth of a cent and is what officials use to assess property taxes. The sewer millage is 1.14, the garbage millage is 1.61 and the fire protection millage is 7.4 mills.

Q: How much do I pay for these millages?

A: First, determine the assessed value of your home. The Parish Assessor has that information. If it is $250,000, for example, take 10 percent of that amount because residential property is assessed at 10 percent. Then, subtract the $75,000 homestead exemption and multiply the result by one mill, or .001. Once you have that figure, multiply it by the amount of the millage.

For the fire protection millage: ($25,000-$7,500 = $17.500 x .001 = $17.50 x 7.4 = $129.50 per year.

For the garbage millage: ($25,000-$7,500 = $17.500 x .001 = $17.50 x 1.61 = $28.18 per year.

For the sewer millage: ($25,000-$7,500 = $17.500 x .001 = $17.50 x 1.14 = $19.95 per year.


Q: How do these millages compare to similar millages in Jefferson Parish? 

A: For fire protection, unincorporated Jefferson Parish residents pay 24 mills for the operation of the East Consolidated Fire Department, compared to the 7.4 mills for fire protection in Kenner. The garbage millage in Jefferson Parish is 4 mills, compared to 1.61 mills in Kenner. The sewer millage for Consolidated Sewerage District No. 1 in Jefferson Parish is 5 mills, compared to 1.14 mills in Kenner.


Q:  How long is the renewal?

A:  The renewal is for 10 years.


Q: How will the money be used if the renewals are approved? 

A: Renewals of these millages would allow funding to continue for these critical city services provided to residents. The renewal of 7.4 mills would continue to provide funding for vital fire protection services for the city of Kenner. The continuation of the 1.61 garbage millage would pay for trash collection and waste removal from the city’s residences and businesses, landfill fees, as well as services and maintenance provided at the city’s woody waste drop off and recyclable transfer station. The renewal of the 1.14 mills for sewer services would continue funding the safe and efficient operation of the Kenner plant day-to-day, responsive maintenance for immediate repairs, ongoing preventive maintenance, as well as necessary improvements to an aging system.