Public Works Department

Tom Schreiner, Deputy CAO Public Works and Capital Projects

City of Kenner
1610 Reverend Richard Wilson Drive
Kenner, Louisiana 70062
Telephone: (504) 468-7515

Brian Jones, Public Works Director

City of Kenner
1610 Reverend Richard Wilson Drive
Kenner, Louisiana 70062
Telephone: (504) 468-7515

Jimmy Dennis, Assistant Public Works Director

City of Kenner
1610 Reverend Richard Wilson Drive
Kenner, Louisiana 70062
Telephone: (504) 468-7515



For sewerage information or to report sewerage related problems within City owned right-of-way (public property), please call 504-468-7292.


·     Drainage Pump Stations and Canals


Drainage Pump Stations and canals fall under the jurisdiction of the Jefferson Parish Drainage Department.  Questions/inquiries/complaints relating to these facilities should be referred to the following agency:


*Jefferson Parish Drainage Department 


  Ph:  736-6753 or 736-6578 (regular working hours)


  Ph:  736-6006/736-6009 (after hours, holidays)



·     Water System


The water system falls under the jurisdiction of the Jefferson Parish Water Department.  Questions/inquiries/complaints relating to this system should be referred to the following agency:


*Jefferson Parish Water Department


  Ph:  736-6742 or 736-6724 (regular working hours)


  Ph:  838-4363 (after hours, holidays)



·      State Routes


State Routes throughout Kenner are under the jurisdiction of the State DOTD.  Questions regarding traffic signals, roadway conditions, traffic control signs/striping, etc… should be referred to the following agency:


*State DOTD


  Ph:  437-3105 or 437-3107 (regular working hours)


  Ph:  437-3104 (after hours, holidays)


These routes are:


Williams Boulevard (Airline Dr. to Joe Yenni Blvd.)

Jefferson Highway/Rev. Richard Wilson Dr. (Filmore St. to City boundary line to the West) 

Airline Drive (Filmore St./Roosevelt Blvd. to City boundary line to the west)

I-10 and entrance/exit ramps



·     Levee along River/Lake


Questions/inquiries/complaints relating to these levees, as well as bike/pedestrian path should be referred to the following agency:


*East Jefferson Levee District


          Ph:  733-0087


The Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and improvements of the City of Kenner's infrastructure as it pertains to streets, drainage, parkways, street lights, traffic signals and many city buildings.  With a team of approximately seventy-three (72) employees, this department consists of six (6) active divisions:
  • Administration
  • Streets and Drainage
  • General Services
  • Parkways
  • Street Lights
  • Traffic

The functions of the Public Work Department include, but are not limited to the following operations:

  • Maintenance of a series of city owned buildings and properties
  • Maintenance of a number of streetlights and traffic signals
  • Maintenance of medians and landscapes under city jurisdiction
  • Maintenance of streets, bridges and drainage system
  • Management of capital projets relating to streets, bridges, drainage and parkways.

The administrative Division is headed by Executive Coordinator, Christine Calamari. The administrative office staff consists of six (6) employees. All phases of the department's operation is generated from the administrative office under the management of the Director of Public Works, Jose Gonzalez, who also manages the six (6) divisions listed above. The administrative office is classified into three (3) main divisions; clerical, operations, payroll/purchasing. The goal of the administration is to provide a prominent degree of productivity and quality services to the citizens of Kenner, as well as securing State and Federal grants for much needed infrastructure related projects.

Some of the many duties and responsibilities performed daily by the administrative office staff include, but not limited to the following:

CLERICAL: Meets the demands of the department's clerical and secretarial needs. Maintains all plan, specifications and records concerning development of special city projects. Prepares and maintains department records on legislative matters, annual material and supply contracts and employee personnel records, including job performance evaluations and disciplinary actions.

OPERATIONS: Receives approximately 2,000 (+) annual citizens and City Council complaints varying from major infrastructure repairs to city property maintenance requests. All complaints and requests are monitored with the use of a specialized database computer work order system. This system is scheduled to be upgraded in the near future to be able to produce more detailed specialized data reports in monitoring productivity.

PURCHASING / PAYROLL: Prepares and maintains current budget spending account records to ensure spending is within budgetary confinements. Prepares purchase requisitions and monitors purchases for cost saving measures in following city purchasing procedures. Also, prepares and maintains department's employee payroll.

For customer service, please contact the administrative office at (504) 468-7515 (8:30am to 4:30pm) or email


Assistant Director of Public Works, Bill Duplaisir oversees the operations of all work pertaining to Drainage, Streets, Parkways, General Services, Traffic, and Streetlights.

DRAINAGE: This division is responsible for the maintenance of all subsurface drainage within the city. This is essential in minimizing/eliminating street flooding. One of the problems relating to street ponding can be attributed to debris, such as leaves, grass, silt and other objects flowing or deposited into catch basins in most areas. Maintenance consists of flushing pipes, clearing drains of debris on a regular basis and repairing or replacing drains and drain lines on an as needed basis to improve flow. This division also installs new drains (as need be) in an effort to alleviate flooding in problem areas.  Maintenance of drainage canals and pump stations falls under the jurisdiction of the Jefferson Parish Drainage Dept.  (Ph: (504) 736-6753)

STREETS: Responsible for all concrete and asphalt street repairs and resurfacing work of approxiately two hundred twenty-five (225) miles of city streets. These street repairs can vary in nature from concrete panel replacements to minor patchwork and resurfacing. Duties also include, but are not limited to curb repair. striping, installation of traffic control signs, etc.... Maintenance of State Routes such as Jefferson Hwy./Rev. Richard Wilson Dr., Airline Dr., Williams Blvd. and I-10 falls under the jurisdiction of the State Dept of Transportation and Developement (Ph: (504) 437-3101)


The Parkways Division provides maintenance of approximately 100 acres of medians and street rights of ways to keep areas beautified. They maintain trash receptacles at bus shelters/city buildings, maintain the perimeter of most city buildings and city owned properties. Parkways also maintains trees/plants and shrubbery in median areas. Street sweeping is also a function of this division. This division also provides the following services relating to trees/shrubs located within street rights of ways:

• Trim tree branches over streets to provide a vertical clearance of approximately 17’
• Trim trees/shrubs to provide proper visibility of traffic control signs
• Trim tree branches in the immediate vicinity of street lights and traffic signals


The General Services Division is responsible for the maintenance of many (not all) City owned buildings/facilities and provides building needs as necessary. This department handles the required maintenance for continued safety for public use and access, as well as acceptable appearance.


This division is responsible for maintenance and installation of all traffic control signs and street signs, processes all traffic related complaints from the general public and other City agencies; fire, police, etc.


The Street Light Division provides electrical services for many City buildings/facilities and handles electrical related services for special projects and seasonal activities. The streetlight crew maintains a large number of street lights in the incorporated areas of the City of Kenner and works in conjunction with Entergy in many cases to resolve difficult streetlight repairs. Wooden street light poles fall under the jurisdiction of Entergy and should be reported by calling (800) 368-3749 or inputting on their website  All traffic signals within the City, excluding state highways, are also maintained by this division.

Report your streetlight problem directly to Entergy-Click here!